Julia Schwarz

PhD Student, Carnegie Mellon University

Co-founder of Qeexo

I build software that leverages data science, computer vision and machine learning to improve user interfaces. I have worked in the domains of touch and free-space input (among others), and developed a radically new user interface architecture for handling inputs with uncertainty.

Please see my CV for an overview of my experience and accomplishments. I'm also fairly active on Google Scholar, GitHub, Twitter, StackOverflow, and LinkedIn.

Publications my output as a PhD student

Probabilistic Palm Rejection Using Spatiotemporal Touch Features and Iterative Classification

Julia Schwarz, Robert Xiao, Jennifer Mankoff, Scott E. Hudson and Chris Harrison
In Proceedings of CHI ‘14

Replacing 'Wave to Engage' on Xbox One by Combining Body Pose, Gaze and Motion to Determine Intention to Interact

Julia Schwarz, Charles Marais, Tommer Leyvand, Scott E. Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff
In Proceedings of CHI ‘14

TouchTools: Leveraging Familiarity and Skill with Physical Tools to Augment Touch Interaction

Chris Harrison, Robert Xiao, Julia Schwarz and Scott E. Hudson
In Proceedings of CHI ‘14

Phone as a Pixel: Enabling Ad-Hoc, Large Scale Displays using Mobile Devices

Julia Schwarz, David Klionsky, Chris Harrison, Paul Dietz, and Andy Wilson
In Proceedings of CHI ‘14

TapSense: Enhancing Finger Interaction on Touch Surfaces

Chris Harrison, Julia Schwarz, and Scott E. Hudson
In Proceedings of UIST '11

Monte Carlo Methods for Managing Interactive State, Action and Feedback Under Uncertainty

Julia Schwarz, Jennifer Mankoff, Scott E. Hudson, Andy Wilson
In Proceedings of UIST '11

Augmenting Web Pages and Search Results to Support Credibility Assessment

Julia Schwarz and Meredith Ringel-Morris
In Proceedings of CHI '11

A Robust and Flexible Framework for Handling Inputs with Uncertainty

Julia Schwarz, Scott E. Hudson, and Jennifer Mankoff
In Proceedings of UIST '10

Cord Input: An Intuitive, High-Accuracy, Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Input Method for Mobile Devices

Julia Schwarz, Chris Harrison, Scott E. Hudson, and Jennifer Mankoff
In Proceedings of CHI '10

Reflections of Everyday Activities in Spending Data

Julia Schwarz, Jennifer Mankoff, Scott Matthews
In Proceedings of CHI '09

Notable Side Projects output from evenings and weekends

Headshot: A Windows Phone Application that Uses Computer Vision to Help You Take Selfies

Julia Schwarz
Windows Phone

A Face Detection Library for Windows Phone 7

Julia Schwarz
Windows Phone

Window Manipulation Using the Microsoft Touch Mouse

Julia Schwarz and David Klionsky

Inhabited Web

Julia Schwarz, Chris Harrison and Bryan Pendleton

For more prior work, please see the archives, which contain older sites and projects (before 2010).

My other skills include juggling, skiing , and raft-building.